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When a typical millennial shopper wants to buy shoes she’s going to reach for her phone. She will point her phone at her feet and swipe through shoes, each one actually appearing on her foot, as if she had physically put it on.

AR simulation.


Since we’re not used to such buying behaviour, let us emphasise what you just saw was an excellent example of commercially viable AR. Imagine if retailers could do this? But don’t forget this could work for anything from handbags to eyewear, or watches…

So, what’s preventing retailers from doing this right now? Where is the blockage? AR has a major blockage. Right now the big problem is that producing an AR image is COMPLEX, CLUNKY and CUMBERSOME. Cumbersome imaging is a SERIOUS SHOWSTOPPER in a dynamic market since it’s impossible for retailers to keep up with all the products. But with Trillenium, we burst through the blockage delivering a solution so effective that it add a new verb to retailing vocabulary – to trill.

Now, here is why people will say that. Because we are cutting the cost of AR from $200 to $10 per AR image. By a factor of *20*. Retailers will love us, gladly saying trill it to their staff and customers.

Fashion scanners, but not as you know them.


The system is based on dozens of high-end, professional cameras placed around the product that take images of the product and upload them onto the cloud. Trillenium processes all the information in the cloud and produces an AR image out of it.

Actual product photo and AR scan.

Here, you can see a real product and our 3d-image. Can you see the difference? And this is exactly the quality the fashion retailers are looking for.

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